People who often wear glasses know that if the glasses are worn for a little longer, the bridge of the nose will be pressed and hurt. It will be fine if you take them off, but it will still hurt when you put them on again after a while. Why is this? How to wear glasses frames more comfortably? Today is here to answer your questions!

How to wear glasses frames more comfortably?

3 common causes of glasses discomfort

Generally speaking, there are three main reasons why glasses are uncomfortable to wear and the bridge of the nose is stuck:

First, the frames are asymmetrical. If the left and right weights are inconsistent, the weight of the glasses will shift to one side, putting pressure on the nose. In this case, the technician needs to use professional tools to adjust and correct the glasses. Be sure to be handled by a professional technician! Children's shoes, don't think that this fine-tuning can be done by yourself, this is a wrong idea, because the spectacle frame The material is quite special, and it is easy to break if you are not careful.

Second, the position of the nose pads of the glasses is not correct, and the contact with the nose is not face-to-face contact, which will put a lot of pressure on the nose. Wearing it for a long time will leave indentations on the nose. The position of the nose pads should be as low as possible and worn on the nasal bone, so as not to let it press on the fleshy part of the nose, and the distance between the two nose pads should be as wide as possible.

Third, the glasses themselves are heavy. Some glasses are beautiful in appearance but not light, and wearing them for a long time will put pressure on the nose. Therefore, when you buy glasses, the material of the lens and the frame should be light and light. Especially if the prescription is too large, the lens itself will be very thick, and the weight of the frame will put a lot of pressure on the bridge of the nose.

Ultra-thin and ultra-light PC lenses, as well as acetate frames, are all high-quality choices that can be considered and they are more comfortable to wear. Everyone must pay attention, if the glasses you wear have your nose stuck or the bridge of your nose hurts, you must solve the problem as soon as possible